Here at Tender Touch Farm we take education and fun very seriously :)   During our hour long lessons, you will be learning proper balance while riding, along with seat position and how to use your body to communicate with the horse.  Before and after each lesson you will go over parts of the horse, basic anatomy, care and grooming.  There are several options to choose from to fit most budgets.  We also offer lessons on a sliding scale for those that need financial assistance.

Group Lessons – groups of 5-10 students, lots of fun and games included with each lesson.  $15/hr. per student

Semi Private Lessons – 2-3 students, still plenty of fun and games, but more attention on technique for those students that want to take their riding to the next level.  $20/hr. per student

Private Lesson – one on one – this is recommended for students that are preparing for shows.  $30/hr.


56 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. Hello, I am reaching out because I wanted to come in today and use a groupon coupon there but I didnt get an answer when I called. I have about an hour drive but I wanted to make sure you were accepting this deal before I drove all the way there. Please let me know ASAP.

    • Hello, You can call the secretary at 937-707-4409 Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm to schedule an appointment.

  2. Our daughter completed her 5th lesson today and is already cantering! She can be a little shy, but by the end of the first lesson she was comfortable with the horse and Lisa. We recommend the semi/private and private lessons, your kids will learn a lot fast.

    This was a great find. Thanks!

  3. Have tried to call to schedule lessons that I purchased on Living Social/Groupon, but voice mail is full. When will you have a schedule online that we could make reservations in?
    Thank you,

  4. I am thinking about purchasing the deal on Groupon, but I am 26 years old already. Are the lessons basically facing to children, or they also for adults?
    Thank you!

  5. How far in advance do lessons need to be scheduled at your current location? We have twins who will be 6 in August who really want to ride!! They would share a lesson time. Thanks.

    • Thank you for your interest. If you would like to start taking lessons you can email or call me to get something set up. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  6. I want to make sure before purchasing groupon deal.
    I want to buy 3 package of five 60 m for my 3 kids (5, 11, 13 yrs old). if i buy 3 package, Is it okay they can have lesson on same day?

    • Thank you for your interest. Yes they are able to take a lesson at the same time. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    • Thank you for your interest. Yes the rider can do either English or western lessons. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

  7. How do I find the schedule for the classes? I want to go for 1 lesson with my girlfriend and I would like to know what days you have lessons and the times.

  8. I am interested in purchasing groupons for my daughters to take 5 lessons each. Can they come the same day for lessons? I noticied in the rules it said one coupn per visit. Also would it be possible for a grandparent to buy them an additional 5 sessions each? So each child would have 2 $40 groupons. Thanks, Bethanie

    • Yes they would be able to use them at the same time, and yes they would be able to get another one from a grandparent so they would each have two. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.

    • Thank you for your interest. Yes we do offer advanced hunter jumper lessons. For more advanced lessons the price is a little higher than posted on here. It will depend on your level and what you are looking for. Please let me know if we can help you with anything else.

  9. I was wondering if there is an indoor riding area at your location? I went by your address and didn’t see anyplace to ride. When do you think your new facility will be opening and where will it be? I would like to schedule my girls’ lessons soon. Thank you.

    • We currently have our opening date set for early May. As of yet I do not believe we will have an indoor riding area, but things could change in the next month of two. Thanks a lot for your interest and if you want to keep up to date with the changes or get more information on lessons and scheduling then feel free to call us at +1 (614) 596-5134 or to simply join our newsletter.

    • Our hours vary at the moment. Once we get moved to the new facility we will be open set hours, and yes we will be open all weekend as well. You can give me a call if you wanted to set something up for now. We will have an interactive calendar soon for you to book your adventures!

    • I am only open for scheduled lessons at this time. We will be open seven days a week starting in late Spring. Thank you for the question.

    • We are just outside Marysville, Ohio. The new location is going to be on the other side of Marysville, but will still be in the same general area. Thank you for your question, let me know if you would like any other information.

    • I have several three year olds that are starting lessons this Spring. We can find a group that would work for your child also. Thank you for your interest.

  10. Hi!

    I just came across the LivingSocial special you are offering, but before purchasing I want to clarify that the lessons are available/appropriate for adult riders? I have no experience with horses and would love to give this a try, but your website gives the impression that your programs are very ‘kid oriented’, so I just wanted to double check before I assumed too much.


    • Yes, lessons are available for adults also. If you did not purchase the Living Social deal, please contact me and we will discuss what is available. Thank you for your interest.

  11. Where is the current location? I’m interested in signing up my 7 year old daughter. I also have a 12 year old with special needs that we’d be interested in including.

    • We are currently at the US Hwy 36 address in Marysville. The new location will be on the other side of Marysville. Once we are in the new location, hopefully by Spring, we will be able to accommodate to special needs. We are only able to do lessons at this time, until we can get everything built at the new place. Thank you for your interest, and please check back often for updates. We look forward to your business.

    • I have students as young as three. We have several horses and ponies available for all types of riding and skill level. Thank you for your interest.

  12. I was wondering if you had a minimum or maximum age for lessons? I was thinking about for me and my 5 year old son (for fun).

    • I have students as young as three. We would love to have you and your son join us for lessons. Our main focus of our lesson program is to have fun! Thank you for your interest, we hope to hear from you soon.

  13. I saw your deal on loving social and was wondering if my daughter who will be five on valentines day could do some lessons?

    • I have students as young as three. Five is perfectly fine. Happy Birthday! Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. If you missed the Living Social deal please contact me and let me know. Thank you for your interest, we hope to hear from you soon.

    • We are located in Marysville, Oh. Our future plan includes several rehab options for special needs children along with the riding program. This will also be part of the nonprofit facilities. Thank you for your question. Please stay in touch for updates on the progress of the farm.

    • Thank you for your question. We have several different trainers at the farm that can go from beginner all the way to advanced students in most riding styles. What type of lessons are you interested in? Please stay in touch for updates to be posted often.

  14. Hi there. I was thinking about taking a lesson with my daughter but I don’t see any information on whether there is a size/age limit for riding. She is 5, but pretty small as far as things go. Is there any chance she could ride?

    • Thank you for your interest. We have students as young as three. We also have a variety of horses and ponies to choose from so everyone is comfortable. Feel free to call or email us to get something set up for you and your daughter to come and see the facility.

  15. Are the Living Social lessons one-on-one or group? What do you recommend for someone who has never ridden before? What time of year/days are the lessons available? Are the lessons done entirely indoors or is there some trail riding involved? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks.

    • The Living Social deal was for either one on one or a group. For someone that has never ridden before I would recommend starting with private lessons and once comfortable move to a group lesson. Right now we are scheduling for lessons that will be starting in the Spring. Please feel free to call and set something up if you are wanting to get started. The riding will be done both indoors as well as out. Trail riding is not part of the lesson, but can be added at the end of the lesson. We are happy to answer all your questions and welcome any more questions you may have. Thank you for your interest and we hope to gain your business soon.

  16. Hi…I saw your offer on Living Social and am interested in lessons for my grandson. My horse died a couple of years ago, but my grandson, who is only 6…will be 7 in May, remembers “riding” him and talks about him all the time. I can’t tell from your web site if you give lessons to children. The farm where I had boarded Alf saddled up one of their horses this past fall and let me lead Cole around on the horse. His comments were: “this is all kinds of fun” and “I’ll remember this day for the rest of my life”. This would be a good opportunity to see if he really could be interested in riding. The private lessons would be good to start out with a very green rider. Please advise. Thanks…Marti

    • Thank you for your interest in our riding program. I am sorry to hear about your loss. Yes we do lessons for children, he sounds like he would be a great student. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions or would like to get started.

  17. I would love to try your living social deal, but I can’t find a location on your site. Were do lessons take place ? and how far of a drive is it from Columbus?

    Thank you, Dasia

    • We are located in Marysville. It is about 20 min from Dublin, and 30-45 min depending on what side of Columbus you are coming from. We are in the process of relocating and will be posting updates about the new location often. Thank you for your interest. Please contact me if you missed the Living Social deal.

    • We are located in Marysville, Oh. The new address will be posted soon. For now lessons are held at the Rt. 36 address. Thank you for your interest. Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

  18. I am considering purchasing the lessons through Living Social but have a question. I would like to do this for my grandsons, one is 6 and one is 8. Do you give lessons to children this young? I took my 8 year old last summer for 1 lesson and he did very well, the trainer said he was a natural.

    • Thank you for your interest. They are a perfect age for lessons. We have several horses and ponies to choose from so everyone is comfortable and has the best experience we can offer. If you missed the Living Social deal please contact me and we can set something up.

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